Popular Sites Offer Endless Entertainment

The Internet is full of distractions and time wasters; in today’s society, most people use the Internet everyday for very long periods of time. The web is one of the easiest ways to pass the time when bored, and many people log copious amounts of time on the Internet with these types of websites. Time wasters are websites that allow people to share images, take quizzes, post links and videos, and various other tasks.

One of the most popular time wasters is “BuzzFeed” quizzes. Most of its popularity comes from it being all over Facebook. People can take these quizzes on random topics such as what their celebrity look-alike is, what TV show character they are most like and more. After they take these quizzes, they can post their results on their Facebook news feed for everyone to see.

Ramapo Junior Connor Jewett, said, “I take BuzzFeed quizzes when I see other people taking them on Facebook.”

Another popular time waster on the Internet is Reddit. Reddit allows users to post text, images and links. Reddit is so popular because of its many different categories, which consist of movies, sports, television shows, celebrities, video games and many others.

Nick Redmond, a sophomore, said, “Reddit is easily one of the most distracting things on the Internet.”

9GAG is another fun distraction that the Internet has to offer. 9GAG is basically where people find Internet memes. Users can up or down vote content posted on the site. It also enables users to post videos and vote on those as well. Memes come from people posting a funny image and putting text under it so it has specific meaning. These have gained a lot of popularity on the Internet in the past few years. Imgur works similar to 9GAG, but there are some notable differences. Imgur is a lot more focused on sharing images. This allows users to view other images that people have shared and people can vote on them or share them with others.

The Chive is another photo entertainment site that has grown in popularity. The images are chosen by the staff of the website because it is independently owned. It still allows people to comment and give feedback on the images. Most of these sites have just come around recently, between the years 2005 and 2009.  

These sites have become very popular, especially among students and office workers because they are people who spent a lot of time on computers all day and get may bored with their job or class. Some people may even find themselves spending the majority of their time commenting and voting on content that others post.