‘Cuban Fury’ Brings Audiences On Humorous Salsa Dancing Ride

"Cuban Fury," which was released on Friday, April 11, takes audiences on a hilarious ride through Bruce Garrett's life. Garrett returns to salsa dancing when his new, and rather good looking, American boss pushes him to return to salsa dancing in order to not only regain the confidence he once had, but to also find the passion he used to have for the sequined-costume, fast-moving dance.


Directed by James Griffiths, Bruce, played by Nick Frost, is seen as a cubicle-confined average Joe who, as a 13-year-old, was ready to tackle the United Kingdom Salsa Championships until he lost his confidence and passion in an unexpected, and humiliating bullying accident. Down on his luck, his new boss Julia, played by Rashida Jones, pushes him to return to the dance that he once loved so much in order to find his passion again, but all Bruce wants to do is win her over.


Facing numerous in-office obstacles, like having his fellow alpha-male co-workers find out about his salsa dancing secret and stealing the heart of his boss, Bruce is faced with many of his past demons that he has to tackle; however, he is misled when he realizes his boss has a secret that could truly tie them together.


In this 98-minute R-rated film, Bruce proves to audiences across the United States that anything, no matter how big, small or embarrassing, can be achieved in a hilarious, yet rewarding manner. Bruce takes you on a journey through struggle and motivation to present to audiences a salsa-themed success that will have you cheering in your seat.


The soundtrack of "Cuban Fury" was almost entirely salsa-themed Spanish music, which obviously went along well with the plot of the film. Although the movie is primarily based off of salsa dancing, I would have liked to hear some modern music that could be recognized by people who don't listen to Spanish music and would have a difficult time identifying the artist or title of the song being played.


"Cuban Fury" is a well played out film that always keeps its audience on the edge of their seat and is not only extremely hilarious, but sends a great message to audience members who once had a passion for something but then lost it due to a discouraging incident or just lost interest in general. Bruce allows audience members to get tied up in the reestablishment of his salsa dancing, as they cheer him on in competitions and in attempting to win the affection of his new boss Julia. If you love to laugh and enjoy a competitive plot in a movie that has a great moral outcome, "Cuban Fury" is a must see for you.