Score the Latest Fashion Trends at Stores for Half the Price

How far will the budget-conscious shopper go to follow fashion's high-end trends? Many people are willing to pay for luxuries, but at an affordable price. Everyone wants those trendy hot-off-the-runway looks, so here's how to get them at bargain prices.


Young men and women are seeking interest in stores such as H&M, Zara and The Gap. These stores offer the average person inexpensive clothing, but with the hottest designer trends. Retailers achieve this by getting the latest styles, ordering up inexpensive copies and stocking their stores with the look-alikes. People have access to these new designs within weeks of their runway debuts. What is so great about these stores is the low price of the clothing. They are sold at a fraction of the designer price, making them accessible to a wide range of customers.


Many consumers do not want to spend over $100 on an item, so with these stores, it is possible to stay right on trend for relatively cheap. Everyone is capable to look fashionable on a budget.


"Being a college student, I know girls really like to dress up but don't have a lot of money, so it's a great way for girls to go out, get clothes that they really love for a great price," said senior Christina Rafanello.


Before making a purchase, a million thoughts run through a shopper's head as they debate how much they want to spend on an item and if it's worth it. With shopping at budget-friendly stores, the rewards are even greater because people can buy more for less.


"I would rather buy multiple things that are still good quality at an affordable price than one thing that's a high-end trend that's very expensive," said junior Samantha Eichmann.


The use of a celebrity can send positive reinforcement to get a consumer to buy these trendy clothes at bargain prices. Public figures such as First Lady Michelle Obama and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton welcome wearing inexpensive, fashionable brands including Zara and Asos, along with their designer pieces. As for Middleton, she has paired her designer pieces with jewelry and clothing from Zara. She even coupled a $35 Zara necklace with a designer evening gown. These stores give regular shoppers a way to get celebrity fashion finds and not break the bank.


Aside from these stores becoming popular because of celebrity endorsement, they offer clothing that can spruce and build up your wardrobe.

"It's better to have more variety," Eichmann stated.


By getting these clothes for half the price, your closet will be stocked up in no time because now the trends that everyone wants are within our reach. Shopping for the latest fashion trends doesn't have to put a hole in your wallet, so take advantage of shopping for the hottest clothing styles at a lower price.