More Students Now Eligible for Summer Housing

Ramapo College Residence Life has updated its policy on summer on-campus housing this year, making it available to a wider range of students, including those who have jobs that are off campus.

Previously, Residence Life has offered summer on-campus housing to students who are registered for summer courses, Ramapo student employees or those who have an internship; but this year, Residence Life is allowing students with local off-campus jobs to reside at Ramapo. This decision is intended to help students who live far from campus to be able to keep a steady local job while attending Ramapo College.

 "Ramapo College is always evaluating the best ways to serve the needs of all students.  As our student body changes and evolves, we make adjustments to reflect those needs and changes," said Assistant Vice President of Communications and Public Relations, Stephen Hudik.

The change in policy came after Residence Life discovered a greater interest in summer housing from a recent survey.

"In a recent survey, Residence Life asked students about their interest in student housing over the summer.  More than half who responded indicated an interest in student housing for the summer months if they had a job in the local area," said Hudik.

According to the Ramapo website, all of the students residing on campus for the summer will be living in the Village Apartments.  Several Ramapo students are looking forward to the changes in policy and hope to take advantage of everything Ramapo has to offer in terms of housing. 

Nicole Gentile, a senior, who has been working locally off campus for the past two semesters, still has a semester of field work before she graduates. She looks forward to exploring her opportunity to live on-campus for the summer.

"It is a great change because now I can work in the summer so I can hurry up and graduate faster," Gentile said. 

Students, like Gentile, who do not live close to campus can now work and earn money to pay for their fall tuition bills by keeping their steady, local part-time jobs over the summer.

Junior Kristen Tahan agreed that having on-campus summer housing for students who have employment in the area is a positive change because it allows students to maintain a more independent lifestyle. 

"I think that it is a wonderful opportunity for students who enjoy being independent and away from home who would like to hold a job for an extended period of time," Tahan said. 

Overall, the change in the summer housing policy seems to be a positive one for those students who are currently working off-campus and do not want to lengthen their commute this summer.

"More students are working for employers in the surrounding area, and living on campus provides benefits to our students with an easier commute," said Hudik.