Open Mic Reels in Huge Crowd

Photo by Nicole Williams

A renewed school year is a time for many students to delve into uncharted waters academically and socially, but for on-campus musicians it is also an opportunity to showcase their talent. The first Linden Hall Open Mic Night sponsored by The College Programming Board and WRPR served as a platform for Ramapo’s musical artists.

The recent influx of record amounts of freshmen made this Open Mic stand out from the pack because of the abundance of fresh faces and voices. From the outset of the event there was a constant stream of spectators as well as guitar toting musicians.

“On behalf of CPB, I’d like to thank all the amazingly talented students that came out to perform at the first CPB Open Mic of the year … with over 100 audience members and performers in attendance, this was one of my favorite Open Mics yet,” said CPB Music Co-Chair Alex Hoteck.

The attendance of Open Mic has increased over the years, and the premiere of this coffee house season was no different. The tables and front row seating were crowded with students and performers who were on deck for the majority of the evening. The sheer quantity of acts eager to perform constituted a one song limit in order to give every musician a chance to take the stage.

The style of music was relatively consistent with songs played by way of acoustic guitar and a vocalist; however, some deviated from this pattern by reciting poetry and on the other end of the spectrum, heavy metal music. It was common for a passerby to stop in for free coffee and dessert but oftentimes these people stayed to enjoy the music that caught their attention.

Music at Ramapo College has become more prominent recently because of the efforts of strong-willed musicians and organizers like CPB, WRPR and the Ramapo College music program. The combination of these factions brings to light the wealth of talent that exists on campus, not only to other students, but to fellow musicians who often go on to collaborate, producing even more unique compositions.

“The support for this event was overwhelming. I anticipate an even greater musical presence on campus this year than last,” said CPB Music Co-Chair NJ Gordon.

The coffee house was teeming with excitement until the final string was plucked and the last voice was dissipated into nothingness. Students can look forward to the next Open Mic Night with more of Ramapo’s talent on full display.