Apps Allow Foodies to Place Orders without Saying a Word

Apps, apps, apps! There is an app for almost everything you can imagine nowadays.  Everything from clothing stores to social media has its own app.

Everyone knows about the chain restaurant food apps (Subway, Dunkin Donuts, etc.), but did you know that there are food apps that deliver a burger and fries to your work or home? Well, there are!

Gone are the days of waiting hours in line; now you can order food from the comfort of your couch and not have to leave the house. Pajamas anyone?

“I've never actually used a food app because I don't have a smartphone, but personally for me just looking it up on the Internet is easy enough. Though, I guess it's more convenient if you were already out and didn't have a computer,” said Megan McLeod, a senior.

There are so many food apps out there that no one has ever heard about, until recently.

According to reviews on the Apple App Store, GrubHub is quick, easy and user friendly. A big hit for the app is the text message delivery.

Through GrubHub, you have the availability to pay with cash, credit, or PayPal. You can also view menus, reviews, and search by cuisine.  GrubHub allows the user to see specifics too, such as restaurants hours, reviews, coupons and more.

Seamless Free Food Delivery & Takeout is another food app that is making its way into society. Seamless allows you to click a button and see menu categories without scrolling through all of the options.

The point of Seamless is to connect you to dozens of restaurants that deliver in your area. This app connects you to over 12,000 of the best delivery and takeout restaurants.

Push For Pizza has also taken the app world by storm.  For you pizza lovers, simply enter your address and credit card information, followed by pressing a button, and just like that a hot pizza ends up at your door, all paid, tip included.

By using the FreshDirect app, you can now have fresh groceries delivered right to your door, cheaply too!

“I feel like FreshDirect could be very useful for people who don’t have time or aren’t actually able to go to the food store. Overall, I personally think it would be pretty successful and could help many families,” Kelly Kemner, a junior, said.

Samantha Bell, a senior at Ramapo, stated, “While I have not used a food app before, I think there would be lesser chance of someone messing up your order because they did not hear you correctly. Ordering from an app gives both the customer as well as the delivery person a chance to look back and show the order if something goes wrong.”

Food apps are becoming more easily accessible and increasingly popular. However, you must be wary because some of these apps are newer, and there are bugs that are still being worked on. Everyone has to start somewhere though, right? Why not give them a shot?