Students Come in Droves to Pottery Night

Photo by Grace Maute

Coffee and tea can be a college student’s best friend when it comes to early morning classes, and luckily for Ramapo students, an opportunity to add a new mug to their collection arose at a College Programming Board event. This past Thursday, students were given the opportunity to not only receive free coffee mugs, but to paint them as well.

At 10 p.m. students came to “Paint Your Own Pottery” night where blank ceramic coffee mugs were distributed to about 100 eager Ramapo students. The College Programming Board Co-President, Emily Egner, played hostess welcoming Ramapo students into the Alumni Lounges.

The line grew long very early into the night. Unfortunately, latecomers had to be turned away because the early birds were able to snag all the mugs. CPB still welcomed those who did not make it in time for mugs to join their friends as they painted their own creative designs.

Ramapo College prides itself on its students being creative and expressing their individuality whenever necessary. At this event, students were able to do just that with all kinds of different designs such as stripes, rainbows, aliens, polka dots, waves and other intricate schemes. CPB provided the mugs, paint, paintbrushes and sponges (some with designs) for students. 

Senior Danielle Neary said, “I actually lost a bet, I told them that if they win charades, I will go pottery painting with them. Now here we are!”

Supplies were graciously received from Creatively Yours, a paint-your-own pottery and glass-fusing studio located in Ridgewood, NJ.  Their contribution aided in the overall accomplishment of the night. “Even thought I lost the bet, I did enjoy the event and I enjoy painting,” Neary said in response to the event’s success.

Events that allow students to indulge in arts and crafts are often well received by the campus community, and “Paint Your Own Pottery” was no different. Students came out in droves to put their artistic stamp on mugs and other pottery.