Bring It Around Town, Without A Car

Photo Courtesy of Citroen Car Club Display, Flickr Creative Commons

Maneuvering off campus can be a difficult task without a vehicle; however, Ramapo offers a few options at little to no cost.

The Ramapo shuttle is a great option to get some shopping done on Route 17. The shuttle provides transportation for free, not only to Route 17, but also to the Ramsey 17 train station and four different malls.  The malls include Paramus Park, Garden State Plaza, Palisades Center and Woodbury Commons. The shuttle schedule is online or posted at the pick up station so students can be aware of the times that the shuttle picks up and drops off at all locations.

“I’ve used the shuttle lots of times throughout my years. If they say ‘I’m going to be here at this time,’ they are there, and they will wait for you,” Jasmine Thaxton, a senior, said.

Not being pressed for time is important to many and Zipcars are an alternative that allow students to go without the pressure of scheduled shuttles. While the Zipcars are not free, it is another way to forgo having a personally owned vehicle.

According to the Ramapo website, “Members can join for $25, with rates for on campus Zipcar vehicles starting as low as $7.50 per hour and $69 per day. After the first year, members will pay an annual fee of $35.  Gas, insurance, reserved parking spots and up to 180 miles of driving per day are included in Zipcar rates and cars can be reserved for as little as an hour or for multiple days.  Ramapo College students, faculty and staff can join Zipcar on their website."

“I think Zipcars are great for the students that don’t have cars on campus. I have never used them because I have had my own car here on campus.  It gives them a way of getting out to get groceries or do an activity with friends – to have time off campus so they don’t feel trapped here," said Alexis D’Annunzio, a senior.

The timeworn buddy system can also be employed by students who need to leave Ramapo’s grounds. This is a free way to get shopping done and leave campus for a while without worrying about making sure to make it back to the shuttle, unless your friend has a schedule to keep.

“Carpooling is a great way to get off campus, as well as helping the environment. Cars put a lot of pressure on the environment.  You also save gas money when you carpool with friends,” Erica Morel, a junior, said.

Not having a car on campus is not the end all be all, try out one of the transportations that Ramapo offers.