Lock Out Policy Revised, Free During Certain Times

With this new year at Ramapo comes a revised lock out policy for those who live on campus. Under this new policy, resident assistants and Residence Life staff will respond to lock out requests from noon to 12 a.m. seven days a week. Students who are locked out when the hall office is open incur no charge; however, for requests between midnight and 8 a.m., there is a $15 charge each time. For lock outs that do not fall within these two time frames, students will need to wait until the residence hall office opens at noon. Students can still call Public Safety at any time for access in an emergency.

In the former policy, students would have to pay $5 every time they were locked out, regardless of the time. After three lock outs, a meeting would be set up with their respective residence hall director and disciplinary action would be taken.

Students who live on campus are, for the most part, happy with this new policy. Freshman Julianna Herman, a resident in Pine, voiced her opinion on this new policy.

“I think it’s important that people who are out at night don’t feel pressured by some kind of a curfew,” Herman said. “I don’t believe that pressuring a student population with fees will keep them safer.”

Another student, wishing to remain anonymous, also gave his opinion when asked about the new policy. “Personally, I don’t agree with this policy. We pay for room and board so we should be able to get into our rooms when necessary without any surcharge.”