Several Construction Projects Completed over Summer

Photo by Nicole Williams

Classes may have been out for the summer, but many renovations and construction projects were continued at Ramapo while the warm weather permitted. 

One of the biggest projects completed over the summer was the renovation of the B-wing. The walls and floors were redone and a lounge was added, complete with chairs and tables for students and staff to utilize.

Down the hall from the B-wing, the Student Center was also remodeled, with red and tan tile flooring and new furniture. Both of these projects were done over the summer, minimizing class disruption from construction. Other facets updated over the summer included the athletic scoreboards and flagpole, as well as the introduction of campus-wide Wi-Fi.

“Besides the couches and the floor the Student Center doesn’t look much different, but it shows school spirit,” said junior Matt Sham.

The third and fourth floors of the G-wing have also been completed; however, the first and second floors are yet to be completed. While construction continues on the latter, students and staff are relieved to see the third and fourth floor construction come to an end.

The G-wing inconvenienced many people last year because of the loud noises and closed off areas due to the construction. 

“I had a class in the G-wing and remembered hearing the drilling above us and it was so loud and annoying,” junior Alejna Natasha Kalavik said.

The noise and the appearance displeased many Ramapo attendees in the past, making the new renovations to the school a relief to all. Since then, the new renovations to the G-wing were completed and have a modernized look, giving a more vibrant appearance. Professor of biochemistry Ash Stewart’s office is in the G-wing, and he was pleased by the updates.

“The new renovations to the G-wing are nice, and the colors give an uplifting feeling,” said Stewart.

However, the first and second floor G-wing renovations have been disruptive to students and staff looking to pass from the academic building to the Anisfield School of Business.

“The blocked off sections is extremely frustrating especially when I need to cut through for class,” said senior Christian ManGing.

Ramapo is seeing more changes and construction, besides the G-wing. According to the Assistant Vice President of Communications and Public Relations Stephen Hudik, some of the other ongoing projects include the Adler Center for Nursing Excellence, Buckeye Residence Hall interior, the academic building restrooms and door replacements.

The Adler Nursing Center has been under construction since 2012. The $54 million project is expected to be completed in the spring of 2015. It was initially set to be finished by December 2013, but after a number of setbacks, including heavy snow slowing construction, the finish date was pushed back.

“­­It’s good because the nursing students get their own building, which will help make the simulations better,” said nursing student Eugene Song. “I just wish it could have been built a little bit faster.”

The Nursing Center’s construction has obstructed some of the walkways on campus and the Visitor’s Circle. Despite the inconveniences caused by campus’s construction, overall, students are happy that the College is making efforts to update the school.

Kalavik said, “I like that Ramapo is trying to make the campus more comfortable.”