Service Trips Start up at CCEC

Photo by Nicole Williams

This Saturday marked the first day the Civic and Community Engagement Center began running community service trips for this school year. The CCEC coordinates volunteer opportunities for the campus community and is a resource for students, clubs and organizations looking to volunteer in the area.

Part of the mission of Ramapo College focuses on community involvement and, as such, the CCEC strives to provide opportunities for students to engage in the community.

“The CCEC works with local organizations and tries to align the College's resources with the needs of the community and provide students with opportunities to make a difference. The CCEC strives to provide opportunities for students to engage meaningfully in the community,” said Brandon Martin, a coordinator for the CCEC.

A complete list of volunteer opportunities sponsored by the CCEC can be found on OrgSync by clicking the "service opportunities" tab on the home page. This list is updated daily by the CCEC staff.

Some of these trips do cost money; however, students are reminded that certain trips are designated as "CCEC umbrella" trips, which means that any and all transportation fees are covered. All other opportunities, unless stated in the description, will require volunteers to provide their own transportation.

Students should register for these opportunities via OrgSync, and leave a $5 deposit at Roadrunner Central to confirm their space on the trip. As soon as CCEC staff are able to confirm attendance from the trip, those who attend will be able to pick up their deposit while those who do not attend will not receive their deposit back.

“Students are encouraged to see the value of participating in their democracy and dedicating themselves to lifelong active citizenship," said Martin. "Our goal is to help students identify social issues and take an active role in making our communities, state, country and world a better place."

Students at Ramapo have been benefitting from the CCEC’s community service opportunities for years.

“I think that these trips teach people good skills and good community skills, and I do plan on going on some of these trips,” said freshman Angad Bhogal.

Elise Bucciarelli, another student at Ramapo, expressed how going on CCEC trips can be a big resume builder. 

“I think it’s great that CCEC holds volunteer trips for students because it motivates people who might not otherwise volunteer to help out with different organizations," said Bucciarelli. “Many of the programs they offer, such as Alternative Spring Break, are also great additions to resumes. I would like to go on one of the Alternative Spring Break trips this year because the cost is heavily subsidized, you get to travel, and you can spend your break in a productive way."