Fall Fashion: Keep It Classic

Photo Courtesy of Alex Brown, Flickr Creative Commons

Fall has now arrived on campus and students are tucking their flip-flops and shorts away in place of the fall statement pieces that they have come to love. 

A major staple piece around campus during this time of year is leggings. “I like wearing leggings with big sweaters and high boots with tall socks that stick out at the top," said student Rachel Dickstein.

This season, some major trends that we have seen in the past are coming back. There are even some runway finds that can be easily carried over to your college wardrobe.

Major prints that are sure to be popular this fall are leopard and plaid. These two prints are seen all over from sweaters to long dresses and skirts. If solids are more comfortable, go to colors; be on the lookout for deep reds and blues, with some grays and earth tones. 

Matthew Earl, a freshman, gave his opinion about fashion from the male perspective and what he’s looking for this fall for his own wardrobe.  “It’s different for guys because most of our clothes don’t surpass comfort, so our trends definitely incorporate comfort and individuality over mirroring runway looks. This fall into winter, I’m looking for a good trench coat and more boots, as well as dark wash jeans.”

Aside from the traditional animal prints, actual animal motifs are now being incorporated into collections. Along with the classic cable knit sweaters, there are many other items available to keep warm this season while layering them with other trends, including wrap coats and cape style jackets. 

Men's styles have long been making their way into women's closets, from boyfriend jeans to blazers. Lately men's styles have been influencing women's shoes in the form of Oxfords and combat boots. The preppy Oxford can fit into any style. Pair them with jeans and skirts. The combat boot is another transitional item that can fit into any wardrobe.

Add some depth to your look with a standout bag or tote. This fall oversized clutches sporting witty messages are popular, but if you need a larger bag a classic leather tote is never a mistake. 

It's easy to want go big in the fall to stay warm and comfy, with oversized sweaters, coats and jeans, but be careful to not buy clothes that are too baggy. 

“The oversize trend where people wear those giant coats or sweaters that include padded shoulders can sometimes be unflattering," said Annie Stevenson, a freshman. “I think girls should include more dresses and skirts in their fall wardrobe and pair them with high knee socks, colored tights for a vintage look or wear pants underneath them for an edgy look.”