Students Go to Web For Job Search

With new luxury car models now offering Wi-Fi, it feels like Internet is everywhere. From updating your friends, to finding a babysitter or learning a new language, the Internet seems to have all corners of information covered. With this influx of data comes new ways to look for work. Gone are the days of idly circling ads in the newspaper. Dealing with all the options one gets from Googling can be exhausting, however, there are sites for job hunting and internships.

Operating in over 200 countries and available in 23 languages, is the front-runner in online job searching. Founded in 2003, LinkedIn boasts over 300 million members in its network. Users can create an online profile, registering as employed, unemployed or as a student. On your profile, you can list any previous work experience and connect with colleagues. After making a profile, you can search the database for available positions. The site even recommends positions based on past work experience.

Offering both a site for those seeking employment and those seeking employees, has been one of the torchbearers in online job searching since 1996. Having over one million job listings available at any given time, has remained a valued resource since the early days of the Internet for a good reason. No account is needed to lurk through the countless offers that appear with every search, but uploading a resume for possible employers to see does require one.

For searching internships rather than jobs, the simply-titled site offers one stop shopping for offers. Focused on college students, the website is geared to the proper age group. offers both paid and unpaid internships with a variety of different companies and work environments. While not guaranteed, the site comments that internships often turn into job proposals. The search features on the website help sort by location, field, and even time length if the user is looking for something seasonal.

Job hunting can be a difficult and draining process, so even Ramapo can offer help. The Cahill Career Development Center offers career resources right here on campus, ranging from interview skills to information on jobs falling within your selected major. They offer career assessment and alumni support, remaining a valuable resource even after graduation has passed. They also handle on-campus jobs for students interested in working at Ramapo.

Also on the Cahill website is access to The Archway, a career development management system. Here, users can upload resumes and other important documents, sign up for related information seminars, and register for workshops. The Archway also has a database of job offers and a resource library at every student’s disposal. This is also the way to schedule an appointment with one of The Cahill Center’s career advisors.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the unemployment rate for September was 5.9 percent. While is a lower percentage than in previous years, the task of finding a job can still feel like an uphill battle; however, time and research often pays off and these great resources can help get you to the position that's just right for you. From the international LinkedIn to our very own Cahill Center, finding a job in the new age may have just gotten a little easier.