Majors and Minors Represented at Fair

Photo by Hope Patti

Friends Hall was abuzz last Thursday for the Majors and Minors Fair. Various students, and even some faculty members, attended the event to learn more about the different majors and minors Ramapo College offers, and how students can go about pursuing those courses of study.

“We come here to talk to students about the requirements for their major or minor, and I talk to them about the experience of being a student in the literature minor,” Heather Debel said, who was at the fair as a representative for the literature minor and critical writing major.

According to Meghan Gregory, who was in charge of running the event, representatives from numerous on-campus resources were at the fair offering information to inquisitive students.

“Students had the ability to meet with faculty from nearly all of the majors and most of the minors offered at Ramapo," said Gregory. "Other resources included CAAFYE, Cahill Career Development Center, Teacher Education, Study Abroad, Center for Innovative and Professional Learning, Registrar’s Office and the Alpha Lambda Delta First Year Honor Society."

The fair was an opportunity for students to network with faculty and staff across campus, explore all of the majors and minors that Ramapo has to offer, as well as find out about the major exploration and career resources that are available in the Cahill Center.

Every student in attendance, both declared and undeclared, were provided with worksheets that helped guide their questions, steering them towards appropriate questions to ask to assist them in choosing a major or minor suited to their skills and interests.

Each major and minor table had informational sheets available about that course of study, and the required courses and prerequisites were handed out to students who approached and showed interest in that field.

Over 35 majors and minors were represented during the fair, including, but not limited to: American studies, literature, accounting, economics, communication arts, theater, Africana studies, law and society, bioinformatics and mathematics.

Freshman Alison Pham was in attendance, and went to gain information on potential fields of study that were of interest to her.

“I don’t know what major or minor I want to pursue, and I thought this would be a good way to figure that out,” said Pham. “I learned about all the different things I could pick.”

Students who already had an idea of what they would like to study at Ramapo, like freshman Andrew Lepselter, seemed to have gained information about their majors or minors and the resources available to them as well.

“I had an idea already of what I was going to try and major in, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to see what was on display. However, going there I did learn from my major the opportunities of interning later on because it’s required for my major,” Lepselter said. “There are a lot of choices and chances later down the road. It made me realize just how important the Cahill Center is going to be when I take the chance.”