Royals Set to Face Giants in 2014 World Series

Photo courtesy of Madison Bumgarner, Flickr Creative Commons

The 2014 World Series is underway, as the San Francisco Giants defeated the Kansas City Royals 7-1 in game one on Tuesday. Over the next week the teams will battle to try to claim the ultimate prize in baseball. 

After defeating the Baltimore Orioles in a four game sweep, the Kansas City Royals, who have been absent from the MLB postseason since 1985, will host the Giants as the teams compete for the ultimate prize in baseball.

The Royals won the World Series in 1985 and will try again after 29 long years without a playoff game.

Ramapo junior Cosmo Iecobellis predicts the Kansas City Royals will win the World Series this year. 

“I think Kansas City will win the World Series,” he said. “Because they are young and hungry.”

Even though Kansas City swept the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the Baltimore Orioles to get to the World Series, Iecobellis believes the Royals will not sweep the San Francisco Giants in the World Series.

“Well, based on the Cardinals playing San Francisco, and the Royals sweeping the O's,” he said, “I think the Royals are going to go three up, one down, and then win it.”

Ramapo’s head baseball coach, Rich Martin, also believes the Royals will win the World Series because the team is hot at the right time.

“In baseball—as I've known it for over 40 years—it goes to the hot team, the team that gets their act together at the right moment," Martin said. "The Royals are on a roll, certainly everybody's pulling for them because everyone loves an underdog, but they've gotten hot at the right time and this is why I think that they will ultimately win the World Series.”

The Royals' recent hot streak was exciting to watch for baseball fans. The San Francisco Giants were also on a hot streak at times during the postseason, and Martin believes this series can go to six or seven games depending on how well the teams play. He said both the Royals and Giants have been playing extremely well this postseason.

“I would think that the series might go to seven games, only because the opponent, and I believe that to be the Giants, has an outstanding program, outstanding record and probably the best manager in baseball,” Martin said. “So I think it won't be a quick one."