90’s Murder Mystery Show to Return in 2016

Photo courtesy of David Shankbone, Wikipedia

It was announced earlier this month that “Twin Peaks” would return to television nearly 25 years after being cancelled. For many people, it might be a bit surprising that a murder mystery show that ended in 1991 with just one year on the air is being revived; however, this revival was brought on not by the average television viewer, but by the hardcore, dedicated fan base of the cult hit which grew in the years following the show’s departure from TV.

"Twin Peaks" will return to the Showtime Network in 2016, announced via a simple, ominous video posted to the network's official YouTube account featuring some foreboding imagery from the series before the trademark “Twin Peaks” population sign appears with “2016” superimposed onscreen.

The first big factor in the “Twin Peaks” revival was online streaming services. The entire original run of the show is available on Netflix’s instant streaming service and thus gives fans the opportunity to binge watch the entire series. Netflix has been a big help to struggling or cancelled shows, as seen with the revival of AMC’s “The Killing,” a series directly influenced by “Twin Peaks.”

Over the years, shows like “CSI” and “Criminal Minds” have always been popular; however, these shows use the one case per episode approach and stray away from long, drawn out investigations. “Twin Peaks” was not the first, but was certainly the most influential detective show to spend entire seasons on cases and this style is now coming back to TV.

AMC’s “The Killing” follows this approach and is even set in the Pacific Northwest like “Twin Peaks.” HBO’s “True Detective” is the most recent and most popular of the detective dramas directly influenced by “Twin Peaks” and includes some supernatural elements.

Since the show’s cancellation, dedicated fans have taken to the Internet to talk about the show and connect with other fans. Sites like “welcometotwinpeaks.com" have been keeping the culture alive by providing a constant stream of relevant articles, fan art and products relating to the series.

Also, it looks like many “Twin Peaks” cast members will be returning. This includes Kyle MacLachlan, who plays the series’ main character Special Agent Dale Cooper.  

The return of “Twin Peaks” marks one of the first major series to return to television thanks solely to years of support by fans who could not get enough of the strange little northwestern town and the mysteries within it. After 25 years, the secrets return only to be unearthed once again.