‘Ouija’ Provokes Fear, Does Little Else

Photo courtesy of Feline bird, Flickr Creative Commons

Horror fanatics may get a kick out of the supernatural horror-thriller, “Ouija.”

When it comes to inducing fear, this movie, based around high school students and a childhood board game, did a decent job; keeping the audience on its toes from beginning to end. However, the film proved to be a little too predictable when it came to the scenario and its conclusions.

Laine Morris, played by actress Olivia Cooke, and her friend Debbie (Shelley Henig) have been close ever since they were kids. They bonded over a Ouija board but little did they know that their innocent juvenile game would come back to haunt them when they were teenagers.

The audience meets the little girls again as high school students. Tragedy strikes the town and especially the friendship when Debbie dies of an apparent suicide. In denial of her friend’s death, Laine tries to figure out why this happened and why Debbie could not come to her for support.

Determined to find out the truth, Laine discovers their favorite childhood game with the Ouija board and decides that although the friends only played for fun, maybe the ancient board and its accompanying planchette will provide answers. Teaming up with her boyfriend, Trevor (Daren Kagasoff), her friend Isabelle (Bianca Santos), her delinquent sister Sarah (Ana Coto), and Debbie’s boyfriend, Pete (Douglas Smith), they dive into the spiritual depths of Ouija only to awaken spirits within Debbie’s house. The friends dig a grave they might not be able to get out of in search for the truth of their dear friend’s death. 

Though the plot and storyline are anticipated after the first couple scenes, the consistent terror keeps some audience members hiding behind their fingers.

The film, directed by Stiles White, show-cases the ignorance amongst the characters on how to handle evil spirits makes these types of horror movies even better. The characters cannot run, so it’s either stop the madness or live in fear forever. The emphasis on that fact throughout the movie makes it even more chilling, keeping viewers in their seat because one cannot help but wonder what kind of fate lies ahead for these young characters.

Though “Ouija’” did not prove to be a scary movie that will rock the horror world, it is enough to get fans into the Halloween spirit. The actors and actresses tell a story that makes your heart beat through your ears and makes you grip on to a friend’s arm. It also encourages those who fear the supernatural to get that Ouija board out of the house. The film did evoke some fear for the season, but will not be remembered.