Playfest Produces 4 Comedies in 25 Hours


This weekend, the Alpha Psi Omega Theater Honor Society hosted the Fall 2014 24 Hour Playfest, which is held every semester. Participants are divided into groups consisting of a writer, director and actors. The teams had one day to create, write and put on their shows, which were held in the Adler Theater. The writers were each given two criteria for their scripts: the show must feature a clock or watch, and a randomly assigned item must be “banned” in the show.

“It was a very casual process. I basically locked myself in my room for a couple hours and banged it out. The interesting thing about this format is that you know the actors you're writing for, so you can play up their strengths," said sophomore Nick D'Ambrosia, a writer for one of the groups. "For instance, two of my actors are pretty identifiable by their red hair, and I had to write in a universe in which capes are banned, so naturally I wrote a play about two redheaded superheroes – 'The Ginger Force'.”

The writers had from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday to finish their scripts. At this point, the shows were passed off to the directors and actors. 

“I really enjoyed directing," said sophomore Michelle Santucci. "It was a new experience because I am used to acting. I especially loved getting to know the freshmen who are pledging Alpha Psi Omega.”

In total, four shows were produced. All of them were comedies, which is what Playfest's format and time limit lends itself to. The show that Santucci directed was entitled "Kingpen," and took a comedic take on a police interrogation scene. The characters included a police investigator, the suspect and a lawyer. 

“It was a fun and weird experience. I was able to make friends and do something I love in a pressure free environment," said freshman Amber Walker, who played the suspect in "Kingpen." 

Adding to the comedy of the situation was the realization that this incarnation of the event was actually a 25 Hour Playfest, due to daylight saving time. This funny coincidence was worked into a comedic introduction by hosts senior Nick Walsh and junior Angie Turro.

Photo by Steve Fallon