New Website Allows Daters with Allergies to Avoid Awkward Encounters

Photo Courtesy of Allergic Attraction

People do not normally take note of how difficult it can be for individuals that suffer from allergies to start dating. However, a new site has done just that. The site, called Allergic Attraction, has launched with the mission of helping those with food allergies form relationships. Best friends and sisters from Bergen County, launched Allergic Attraction with the intent "to create a fun, safe and social way for young adults with food allergies to meet and form relationships.”

“It would be a good tool to educate myself and whomever I am in contact with about possible health implications at hand,” said sophomore Julie Spiezia

The new dating website is aimed towards young adults, specifically college students. Allergic Attraction can help provide a fun, stress-free way to form relationships for people suffering from food allergies. Their eye catching and simple website aids process of finding relationships. Simply fill out your sex, allergy, what you are looking for, age and state. After that, you are able to begin finding your match or forming new friendships.

“It could be a good idea if people with allergies want to meet other people with the same allergies, or just in general” said Jen Munoz, a sophomore. “It all really depends on how the person feels, and if he or she wants to meet someone specifically based on whether or not they have allergies too.”

The website is a way to connect and help ensure that there will be no risk when it comes to your safety.

Going to college and leaving the nest can have its challenges. When throwing food allergies into the mix, it can be difficult to form relationships, but it can also be dangerous. With apps like “Tinder” for college students, there are not many outlets that are specified to help people our age form relationships under difficult situations. Allergic Attraction is an attempt to change this for college students.