Final Open Mic of the Semester Features Wide Variety

Photo by Steve Fallon

The College Programming Board (CPB) alongside sorority Sigma Delta Tau (SDT) hosted the last Open Mic Night of the semester on Tuesday. This staple program of CPB, which was once a homogenous gathering of musicians, has grown to become an eclectic hot spot to enjoy music and meet fellow Ramapo students. It has also become a mixed bag of acts, now taking on a variety show feel with stand-up comedy, poetry readings and of course, music. 

The collaborators behind Open Mic Night have put together a smoothly operating jam session that is highlighted by a quick turnaround between performances as well as prerecorded music acting as a go-between. The attendants in Linden Hall were primarily there to absorb the show, a welcome change to past times, when the chief appeal was free coffee and cookies.

In this particular Open Mic, “The NJ Gordon Band,” comprised of NJ Gordon and three backup singers whose soulful, original music is always a hit, impressed the audience on yet another occasion.

A lewd performance by Ramapo’s own “Roshambo” was likely the most spirited of the evening. The glam metal band gave a metal rendition of classic Christmas music as well as playing their own songs with great enthusiasm.

Members of SDT used this time to not only plug their upcoming charitable events, but also to put a few members of their chapter up under the lights to perform a few songs.

The different genres of music added another layer of variety that made the entirety of the night go on without a lull. Some people went up with a friend, others by their lonesome, but either way the cheerful environment gave people the courage to express themselves in front of an audience.

“Every semester more people come out to Open Mic. Tuesday Open Mic had over 100 people in attendance almost every night this semester. Nothing makes me happier than seeing all these students showing up to perform and support other performers.” said CPB Music Co-Chair Alex Hoteck. 

The success of the event will likely continue to grow in the coming spring semester with more students garnering an interest in the Ramapo music scene. The festivities of the last Open Mic hurrah burned the midnight oil as they always do with a jam-packed lineup of talented entertainers.