Women and Gender Studies Faculty on Sexual Assault

Letter to the Editor:

The undersigned Women and Gender Studies faculty stand in support of the students of Ramapo College as they protest through the #antirapeface and #justmyface campaigns. We also welcome the community to engage in a heartfelt and educational dialogue about the importance of affirmative consent. Further, we acknowledge the extraordinary attendance at our open forum on November 12. We are encouraged by the many individuals and offices from across campus who have demonstrated their motivation to prevent and address sexual assault and other forms of gender violence on campus, and we look forward to collaborating with them. We will continue to be a resource for our students and community on issues of gender violence, and work for gender justice and social change on campus.

Women and Gender Studies faculty (in alphabetical order):

Emily Abbey
Amanda Beecher
Lisa Cassidy
Martha Ecker
Pat Keeton
Kristin Kenneavy
Natalia Santamaria Laorden
Maya Poran
Ruma Sen
Mihaela Serban
Samantha Smith
Stacie Taranto
Danielle Walker
Leah Warner
Jill Weiss
Lisa Williams