Lofty Hopes for a Private Penthouse Go Awry in Thriller

Photo courtesy of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Flickr Creative Commons

“The Loft” is about five wealthy, married businessmen who decide to share a residential loft, specifically as a place to have affairs. They would not have to worry about credit card red flags or hotel bills jeopardizing their marriages. They cut only keys for themselves and considered one another friends until a major problem arose: they discover a woman dead handcuffed to the bed. From there, they try and figure out this senseless murder mystery. They realize that it must be one of them who committed this unforeseen slaying. The five men then go at each other, trying to solve the heinous crime while questioning their former friensd's possible motives.

Erik Van Looy directed the film and also made the original 2008 release, “Loft.” The film was also based on the book by Bart DePauw. The bulk of the setting takes place in the loft itself. The five friends then bicker and decide whether they should report the crime to the police or not. Throughout the film, characters have flashbacks of events that give a better idea of their personalities and pasts. You learn some of the businessmen might have been too daring and made an enemy or two. They question their friendships and falsely accuse each other of being the perpetrator. 

The wives have small appearances during the film. As the men continue to live their double lives, it becomes apparent that the wives are not blind to their suspicious actions. Each man has a skeleton in his closet. Some marriages fall apart, while others work it out. It is a matter of figuring out which one committed the murder in their secret love shack. The cast keeps the audience guessing without revealing the twist until the climax of the movie. There are two reoccurring female characters that play major roles in the film, one of which is the woman who is lying dead in their loft. The thrill comes from slowly piercing together the clues to figure out who really committed murder in the loft.