Super Smash Bros. Tournament Featured at First Ever Ramacon

Photo by Nicole Williams

The first ever “Ramacon” was welcomed with open arms by a horde of students who gathered in the Pavilion to partake in the Comic Con themed event. The event, which was sponsored by Mackin and Bischoff Hall, the College Programming Board and Dumbledore’s Army, was a huge success with well over 100 students in attendance.

The central event was the “Super Smash Bros.” tournament, that had a full roster of 32 entrants competing in a tournament-style matchup that gave the winner a large sum of raffle tickets. A television was set up in the middle of the Pavilion and at many points people gathered just to watch the battles.

Enticing students throughout the three hour event was the opportunity to go home with big prizes, as well as other assorted smaller prizes. Games, movies and gift cards were some of the less desired prizes that were raffled off early on in the evening. To get tickets to enter the drawing, students were offered a variety of games to play.

A popular game was “Bra Pong,” sponsored by Relay for Life. The game was similar to the popular drinking game “beer pong” in which participants throw ping pong balls into cups, which, in this case, were bras pinned to a board. Opportunities to rake in raffle tickets also came in the form of a tabletop version of cornhole, a Disney princess scavenger hunt, face painting and a photo booth.

These games were suitable for the atmosphere, but none more than the costume contest and Batman voice impersonation challenge. The costume contest, which is a staple of real Comic Cons, was won by a duo dressed as Pokémon’s Team Rocket. The latter of the contests had students showcase their best versions of Christian Bale’s throaty Batman voice from the largely successful film series. Food was also provided at the event and kept it lively with most of the people in attendance staying throughout its entirety.

A great many flooded their tickets into one place in a concentrated effort to try to win one of the top prizes: a Wii U bundle complete with “Super Mario Bros.” and an Xbox One bundle that included the new installment of “Assassins Creed.” The air was tense during the drawing for the final prizes, and when the winner was announced a mixture of disappointment and excitement overtook the room. While only a handful won prizes that evening, the spirit of friendly competition was energetic and fueled an evening of lighthearted interaction between the students in attendance.