New Shuttle Stops Include Stateline Diner, Kinchley’s

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The Ramapo shuttle, a travel option that many resident students utilize to get off-campus, is now going to several new locations.

The change occurred at the beginning of the spring semester. New weekday stops include Kinchley’s (a pizza restaurant), the Mahwah Station (a shopping center containing a post office, deli and pizza restaurant) and the Stateline Diner, before the shuttle returns to campus to begin the loop again.

As usual, the shuttle will still make stops at Ramsey 17 (the train station), Interstate (the shopping center containing ShopRite, TJ Maxx, Bed Bath & Beyond, Michael’s and 5 Below, among other stores) and Ramsey Square (containing Panera Bread, Staples and Kohl’s, among others).

Elizabeth Joyce, the assistant for business operations, who was in charge of creating the new schedule, explained how the new schedule came to be. She created a survey and sent it out to students, and used their input to make changes to the schedule.

“I really wanted to know what people thought of the service. I felt like a lot of students were dissatisfied,” she said.

According to Joyce, while students rode in the shuttle they would see places they wanted to stop at, but the only way for them to get to these places was to get off at the nearest stop and walk, Kinchley’s being one of those destination locations. 

“Students expressed in the survey that they wanted to go places to eat,” said Joyce. Accordingly, more places to eat, like Kinchley’s and the ever-popular Stateline Diner, were added to the shuttle schedule.

The exact drop-off and pick-up locations have not been determined yet, although Joyce reassured, “Where the driver drops you off is where he will pick you up.”

The weekend schedule has also changed. On Saturdays, the shuttle now takes students to Ramsey Main Street and Ridgewood Village.

On Sundays, the shuttle will now be going to the Ramsey Farmers’ Market, the Palisades and the Shannon Rose, an Irish-American restaurant.

A few locations that have been removed are Ridge Plaza, A&P in Suffern and the Paramus Park Mall, due to unpopularity and the difficulty of the route. As far as malls, the shuttle now takes students only to Garden State Plaza and Palisades.

The new shuttle schedule can be found through the Ramapo website, or by contacting Elizabeth Joyce at

“The goal really is to make students happy,” Joyce said. “I want the work I do on the shuttle to be helpful.”