Construction Predicted to Be Finished by Fall 2015

Photo by Steve Fallon

The construction that has been ongoing at Ramapo since 2012 is expected to soon come to a close, with the connected walkway between the Anisfield School of Business and E-Wing opening soon. That, in turn, will allow the Visitors’ Circle to reopen.

"Over the winter break, work continued on the renovations to G-wing (first and second floors) and the Adler Center. It is anticipated that both will be available and in use for fall 2015 classes," said Stephen Hudik, assistant vice president of communications and public relations.

Because of a donation of $2 million from Myron and Elaine Adler, longtime supporters and benefactors of Ramapo College, the broken ground in front of the Anisfield School of Business will very soon be home to the Adler Center for Nursing Excellence. Ramapo's undergraduate nursing program will have an updated home with new classrooms, subject-specific labs, as well as three simulation rooms for diagnosing and treating computer-randomized illnesses.

The building will be an extension of the G-wing, also under construction, which was originally erected in 1975 and holds both the schools of Theoretical and Applied Science and Social Sciences and Human Services, and has not seen renovations until now.

The Capital Projects section of the Ramapo website states, "due to its age and intensive use over the years, G-wing is outdated and maladaptive for modern research and teaching. Its construction is primarily of demountable metal partitions, and the laboratories and support spaces lack proper HVAC, lighting and power. The old air handling system needs to be updated or replaced as do mal- or non-functioning fume hoods."

"I think it's great they're expanding the nursing program into one building… even though it's temporarily inconvenient, it broadens Ramapo's options," said senior Melyssa Horton.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest drawbacks to the construction is the physical hindrance it has caused on campus.

"I tried to find my advisor in the second floor of G-wing and it wasn't there," said Katherine Morich of her difficulties with the construction.

Regardless, many students are pleased with Ramapo’s developing campus.

Senior Christopher Howarth said of the nursing building, "I'm happy, because it means that the school is growing."