Mo’ne Davis Responds to Insulting Tweet, Proves Wise Beyond Her Years

Photo Courtesy of Mayr, Flickr Creative Commons

Mo’ne Davis, the only 13-year-old female pitcher to accomplish a shutout in the Little League World Series and who throws a 70 mile per hour fastball, has already accomplished some great achievements playing for The Taney Dragons, a Little League team that just won their first championship.

One of two girls to make an appearance in the 2014 Little League World Series, she was also featured in a commercial during the 2014 NFL Super Bowl that advocated to stop using the phrase “throw like a girl,” and has since appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated. The Disney Channel will also make a film about her rise to fame in the sport’s world titled “Throw Like Mo.”

However, Joey Casselberry, a first baseman for Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania tweeted an insult directed at the young star on Twitter. According to Mike Fiammetta of TIME magazine, in the tweet, which was written on Friday and later deleted, Casselberry called Davis a derogatory female slur as well as insulted the accomplishments of her team, Taney Youth Baseball Association of Philadelphia.

I believe Casselberry was jealous and envious of her stardom and figured there would be no negative repercussions for tweeting an offensive slur on his Twitter account. President David L. Soltz of Bloomsburg University took the right action by cutting him from the team.

Davis surprised everyone by reaching out to Soltz through email to reinstate Casselberry on to the team. She shows a high-level of maturity for her age and continues to amaze fans by being so forgiving. Davis proves to everyone that she is a classy young girl with a big heart.

Davis explained her reasoning as to why she emailed Soltz when she was featured on ESPN’s Sportscenter on Monday. She said, "everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves a second chance. I know he didn’t mean it in that type of way, and I know a lot of people get tired of seeing me on TV, but you kind of just gotta think about what you’re doing before you actually do it. I know right now, he’s really hurt and I know how hard he worked just to get to where he is right now. I was pretty hurt on my part, but I know he’s hurt even more.”

Mike Rooney, sophomore, said “She is very forgiving. I feel like she surprised Casselberry for reaching out and trying to get his position back. It goes to show you forgiveness and humility go a long way. I definitely believe he was shocked by her actions to help him out though.”

I believe Casselberry will forever regret the words he tweeted and put out to the public to view. He eventually deleted the tweet and apologized, but his true colors were already shown by posting such a discouraging tweet.  Casselberry can’t justify his reasoning as to negatively criticize a 13-year-old girl and will inevitably learn the hard way.

Mo’ne Davis is so young and is already a role model to many people across the nation. She has no signs of slowing down with the attention she is gaining and when she is throwing a fast ball. She has bright future ahead of her with her talent and her idealistic personality.