Open Mic Offers Low-key Option for Tuesday Nights

Photo by Emily Filocco

Tuesday night, the dimly lit Linden Hall became the venue for Open Mic Night. Upon entry, the smell of fresh brewed coffee filled the air. The aroma was accompanied by the purring and last-minute tuning of guitars. As the clock moved past 9:30, the room began to fill up. The rolling start to the event only added to the already established free-spirit vibe of the event and its attendees.

The event kicked off with a two-song guitar and vocal performance set. Some students made the bold choice to perform original songs; however, some performed music that was more well-known. There were also acts that fell somewhere in the middle. One student chose to play a keyboard medley composed of all video game audio. 

The creative juices were flowing as was hot coffee of all flavors, hot chocolate and teas were served café style alongside a sweet treat. 

One band was anything but low-key as they went for an '80s rock and roll band chic look. “Revenge of Sputnik,” which is usually a four member posse, executed the look and sound of an '80s rock band flawlessly. Although they lacked in member attendance, they were anything but short of sound and theatrics as they performed the Green Day classic “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” as well as other songs.

The audience was all in as they clapped and sang along. Attendee Ru Mohammad, a senior at Ramapo and a first time Open Mic Night goer said, “I’ve never even been to Linden’s Open Mic Night … and to think I live just a few yards away in Laurel Hall.”

Open Mic Night is restoring creativity on campus, one Tuesday night at a time. The event provides an outlet to release some midterm exam induced stress in a completely judgement-free zone. Whether you decide to be a performer, audience member or both, Open Mic Night is a great way to spend a Tuesday night.