‘Get Hard’ Disappoints, Despite Positive Numbers

Photo courtesy of Eva Rinaldi, Wikipedia

Two of entertainment's most popular comedians teamed up in the R-rated comedy “Get Hard” which premiered this past weekend. Actors Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart are two funnymen whose appeal to a broad audience attracted a box office revenue of $35 million.

“Get Hard” did not beat out the debut opening of “Home” which earned $54 million. With a star lineup, director Etan Cohen was able to create a corny comedy that based its humor off of Ferrell’s famous improvisation and the banter of obvious racial stereotypes between Hart and Ferrell.

When millionaire businessman James King (Ferrell) woke up in his mansion with his beautiful wife (Alison Brie) and an eye-rolling capoeira teacher, he never would have thought he would be arrested and charged with embezzlement and fraud. King is also the type who screams in fear of getting carjacked when his car washer, Darnell (Hart), approaches his car with the keys.

King finds his car washer to be the best man to help him toughen up before he starts his 10-year sentence at San Quentin prison. Darnell, who is trying to make a decent living for his wife and daughter with a carwash business, is trying to make enough money to get his family out of the projects and his daughter out of a dangerous school.

King seeks Darnell’s help based off the stereotype that Darnell must have gone to prison, which ultimately is untrue. Darnell accepts the job with a promise of receiving $30,000. The duo has 30 days to harden up King for likely the roughest 10 years of his life.

The comedy is simplistic and one that could appeal to audiences in search of a good laugh. The film is not meant to make the audience think, rather it is meant to get an easy laugh out of the viewers. With its consistent racial, sexual and prison related jokes one cannot help but smile when watching the banter between the interracial comedic duo.

Although the movie is humorous, it could have done more with the star power the two comedians pack in one punch. “Get Hard” is Hart’s second highest box office premiere behind “Ride Along.” “Ride Along” starred Hart alongside actor and music artist Ice Cube; the movie had a $41 million premiere. “Get Hard” will be Will Ferrell’s fourth highest box office debut, only being a measly $1 million ahead of cop comedy film “The Other Guys,” starring Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg.