High School Students Offered Life Skill Classes at Ramapo

Photo by Nicole Williams

Various programs for high school students will be offered this summer, intended to develop life skills and different artistic and academic talents. The programs offered are the Self Defense Mini-Camp, SAT Prep PlusCollege Immersion, Game Design for Teens, Financial Literacy/Stock Market Trading Program, CompTIA A+ Certification and Computer Camp and Band and Choir Camp.

These programs are being directed by the College’s Center for Innovative and Professional Learning. As stated on the Center’s website, their mission statement is to support, “postgraduate professional education, workforce development and alternative learning. The Center also engages in internal and external educational partnerships to advance the College, and provides innovative continuous learning opportunities for community members of all ages.”

“High school students who participate in summer academic camp offerings at Ramapo College are extending their learning through the summer,” said Rosa Diaz-Mulryan, assistant vice president of the Center for Innovative and Professional Learning. “Often, it is an opportunity to try a new subject matter or to deepen their understanding of an already practiced high interest topic. Summer academic programs are also well regarded experiences to showcase on the high school student's college application, as students who enroll in these additional and concentrated educational experiences are viewed as exhibiting a high motivation to learn and grow in specific disciplines.”

One of the many programs offered is the Self Defense Mini-Camp, intended to teach students how to “be aware of their surroundings and how to combat personal attacks,” according to a press release about the summer programs issued by the College. The camp is designed for high school-aged students and the lessons will be accessible regardless of athletic ability. It will be held from July 6 to the 17.

A SAT prep course will be offered to students entering their junior or senior year of high school. According to the press release, included in the course will be 11 SAT and PSAT practice tests, online lessons, college admissions seminars and four proctored SATs with “detailed computer analysis of the results.”

For high schoolers interested in gaming, there is the Game Design for Teens program. Students will be taught to use Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop and ActionScript 3.0 to create unique and functioning games for the Web, states the press release. Students will be encouraged to design utilizing their own personal style in their creations. The program will end with students constructing their own functioning online game.

The Financial Literacy/Stock Market Trading Program will give students access to the Anisfield School of Business’s global financial markets trading laboratory. The program will be split into two sessions; the first will focus on learning about budgeting and finances and the second will feature simulated trading games and practice in buying and selling stock portfolios. These sessions will “prepare [students] for making sound financial decisions in future,” as stated in the press release.

CompTIA A+ Certification is something often provided by Ramapo. However, the opprotunity has now been extended to high school students in the CompTIA A+ Certification and Computer Camp. Students who are looking to pursue this certification, as well as those who are simply interested in computers are welcome to join. CompTIA A+ Certification is the first step in becoming an IT professional, according to the press release.

The Band and Choir Camp is to be led by  Dr. Lisa Lutter, a professor and the conductor of Ramapo Chorale and  Dr. Christian Wilhjelm, the conductor of the Ramapo College Concert Band. The day camp will run from July 13 to July 24. According to the press release, a number of different artistic learning opportunities will be offered, including performing in a concert band or choral, studying musicianship and participating in performance electives like Brazilian drumming, music improvisation, technique for singers and percussion ensemble. The camp will culminate with a performance for friends and families.

“Having high school students participate in summer academic programs on the Ramapo College campus is a wonderful way for prospective students to experience our campus first-hand,” said Diaz-Mulryan. “A positive summer program experience can easily lead to an admissions application submission as well as good ‘word of mouth’ about the merits of a Ramapo College education. These programs also expand the use of college facilities throughout the summer when many students are taking classes online.”