Dorm Decorating Night Promotes Suicide Prevention

Photo by Nicole Williams

On Thursday, students gathered in the Alumni Lounges to make decorations for their dorms. Small talk and indie rock filled the room, creating a pleasant atmosphere. Friends caught up, telling one another about their day; others chatted about their classes.

A slideshow was projected on the wall; it featured animals in the wild, which complimented the rustic theme of the crafts that were available. Mason jars, wooden picture frames, jewelry boxes and empty canvases covered the tables. The craft table opened and a line formed, full of people eager to create something unique for their dorm.

“The room is just swelling with creative energy, and it gives me another chance to meet more people,” said freshman Madeleine Ryan, who was painting an elegant "M" on a canvas..

But the night was not simply about making crafts: it was about coming together as a community to create something far more special than a “#HomeSweetPo” wooden placard. The event focused on raising awareness about suicide, the second largest cause of death amongst young adults aged 15-24.

The night shed light on a problem within our community, and during the event resources were made readily available to the public, so that if the need arises, someone could save a life.

After about a half hour of craft making, the room was filled with colorful creations. Members of Active Minds took the stage and presented a program on suicide prevention.  

“Sept. 10 is National Suicide Prevention Day,” President Melissa Mitariten said. “We are here to show you helpful tips to hopefully save a life.”

Mitariten showed the room a series of slides filled with statistics, signs that potential suicide victims may show and ways to assist a friend with suicidal thoughts.

“Ramapo Counseling Services are here to help as well,” Mitariten said.