High-Waisted Pants, Fur Fashions Mark Fall Trends

Photo Courtesy of Maria Morri, Flickr Creative Commons

New fashion collections are being released and everyone is curious as to what the next “big thing” will be and what the new fashion trends are. Although there are slight differences in trends reported by various magazines, there are several universal themes in fashion this fall.

High-waisted pants are on trend once again. What’s unique this fall is that high-wasted jeans are being used as a method to accentuate long, lean legs and a very slim midsection. The waist of pants is now fashionable and flattering far above the belly button.

The fashion industry has turned its attention to sleeves. As the weather gets colder and hands become the most vulnerable part of the body to the autumn chill, fur on the sleeves of a shirt or sweater as an accent serves two purposes: both fashion and protection from the cold.

Fur cuffs are not the only way to have fun with sleeves this fall. Long gloves, partly inspired by Amal Clooney, have caught the attention of designers, especially Italian fashion designer Miuccia Prada. In the same vein, in fashion this season are sleeves that fall past the hands in order to accentuate the arms.

Furry flats, boots, slippers and heels are all over the runways this fall, and they add just the appropriate amount of texture to any look. The one thing to remember is to not overdo the fur trend. Fur shoes paired with a fur coat could be too much.

Fur stoles add a feminine touch to any outfit; they keep one both warm and fashionable. Stoles should be worn over the shoulder to be in trend and avoid an “old fashioned” look.

Just as arms are being given various types of accents on the fashion scene this fall, so are legs. Uniquely patterned tights are being spotted this fall and winter season. Patterned tights can easily turn a simple and boring outfit into a totally fashionable look, just like a pair of sweet Swiss dotted tights can change the personality of a tame cocktail outfit.

Neck accessories are another fall trend that can give that special something to an average outfit. According to Elle magazine, the “skinny scarf” look is a residual effect of the Boho trend, which borrows influence from Bohemian manner of dress. The skinny scarf can be worn with any type of outfit, from a casual sweater look to a formal long gown. The skinny scarf is a unique fashion accessory that can be used to transition between any outfit.  

The "turtleneck dickie” is one of the most unique fashion trends this season. According to Elle magazine, it is “not quite a scarf and not quite a sweater either.” Turtlenecks for both men and women are on trend this fall.

All of these trends are sure to have people looking both fashionable and functional this season.