National Pledge Against Sexual Assault Gains Momentum at Ramapo

Photo Courtesy of Alexandra Simone

It’s On Us —Ramapo College— to spread the message that everyone is responsible for ending sexual assault. In January 2014, President Obama created a White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault. Campuses across the country have started their own It’s On Us campaign to bring awareness, as well as to encourage students to intervene in risky situations. During the Spring of 2015, the Ramapo community was given the opportunity to take the It’s On Us pledge as a personal commitment to stop sexual assault by refusing to be a bystander to the problem.

Everyone who signs the pledge agrees to the following statements:

I pledge:

To recognize that non-consensual sex is sexual assault.

To identify situations in which sexual assault may occur.

To intervene in situations where consent has not or cannot be given.

To create an environment in which sexual assault is unacceptable and survivors are        supported (

The Center for Health and Counseling Services, the Women’s Center, the Student Government Association (SGA), along with many other clubs and organizations on campus joined the movement to spread awareness to students, staff and faculty. 

With the start of the new academic school year, Ramapo is eager to continue the momentum of the campaign. During the Student Leadership Institute (RLI) this past August, student leaders participated in  It’s On Us training where they learned bystander intervention skills and strategies for prevention of various types of violence, including bullying, sexual harassment, sexual assault and intimate partner violence.

In order to include the class of 2019, we have implemented an It’s On Us challenge for First Year Seminar classes with the Peer Facilitators. This challenge encourages first year students to participate in the initiative by spreading awareness through social media sites and working together to create their class public service announcements. This will be an opportunity to come together as a class and for everyone to work together as part of Ramapo’s community to take a stand to prevent sexual violence.

The names below represent students from SGA, CSI, RLI, Peer Facilitators and various clubs/organizations on campus who signed the pledge in August 2015.

*This list does not include participants that have taken the pledge during Spring 2015*

If your club or organization is interested in participating in the It’s On Us movement please contact Brooke Jamison at or Maggie Walters at for more information.

BROOKE JAMISON, Graduate Assistant for the Women’s Center

MAGGIE WALTERS, Graduate Assistant for the Center for Health and Counseling Services


Sarah Brown

Megan Valdes

Victoria Tommasulo

Philip Rocha

Pritha Aggarwal

Nareliz Gonzalez-Pinero

Nathaniel Kolo

Donald Irons

Joi Mcwilliams

Matthew Medrana

Jamie Prizer

Laura French

Makr Boulanger

Rebecca Walsh

Renee DeLora

Rachel Kozan

Ronika Khanuja

Hannah Ovadia

Andrew Herrera

Katherine Strang

Lyndsay Massaro

Wilson Quiceno

Arielle Saracinello

Ariana Rivera

Emily Inserra

Shannon Jirkovsky

Sujil Maharjan

Danielle Bethencourt

Sean  Farrell

Matthew Rose

Moesha Muir

Halle Pineiro

Brian Rocha

Natalia Lima

David Blutstein

Thomas Chupela

Gina D’Antoni

Michelle Shneyder

Jenny Hubert

Renee DeLora

Rachel Kozan

Cassandra O’Malley

Kayla Kozak

Alexa O’Brien

Jacquelyn Persson

Katherine Kowalchuk

Jonathan Laskoski

Brittany Peters

Rebecca King

Anupama Upadhyay

Christine Darakjy

Kevin Hurtado

Erin McKenna