Local Vendors Treat Students to Mahwah Cuisine

Photo by Angelica Pasquali

On Friday, Sept. 18, some may have noticed a large number of students finding their way to Friends Hall at around 10 p.m. No, there wasn’t a party going on; however, there was an impressive amount of students lined up for the College Programming Board’s “A Taste of Mahwah” event, where local businesses came together to try to woo students with a lineup of food that was definitely a sight to behold. CPB put together neat stations for each favorite local takeout place, allowing students to try a sample of three different wings, three different spring rolls, 10 different varieties of sandwiches and selections from five different pizza places.

People came in eager to taste the source of the aroma filling the entire Student Center; the excitement was palpable. Nearly every table was filled with students, all staring at the food placed just out of reach until exactly 10 p.m. When the food was officially up for grabs, the students swarmed the tables, recommending their favorites to friends and trying new foods.

Student Christopher Scott said that the event was “a great time, with lots of good food and a lot of people.”

Scott also commented that he “found some great new places for takeout.”

Others seemed to share Scott’s opinion, as everyone left in a great mood with their friends after sampling the best that Mahwah had to offer.

Music provided a welcoming and positive atmosphere for students as they enjoyed the array of free food. Another feature of the event was a raffle; every student who walked through the door was given a ticket that automatically entered them into the game. The prizes available were two $20 gift cards to Nicky’s, a pizzeria in the Mahwah area.

The event, which has become a Ramapo favorite, returned with an even stronger presence this year – one that drew more students than in the past. The symbiotic relationships that are built during the event keep students and vendors coming back each year.