Student: ‘The Lack of Innovation in Apple’s New Product is Astounding’

Photo Courtesy of World Leaks, Flickr Creative Commons

Apple recently announced the arrival of the iPhone 6s, due to hit stores on Sept. 25. With new features such as an updated camera and an iOS 9 update to the new 3D Touch, the cost of the new iPhones will range from $650 to about $800. With such a high price, many Apple fans are left wondering – is the new iPhone worth upgrading to or is Apple trying to sell us something that we do not need? 

With new technology advancing in recent years, American consumers have been eager to buy whatever new and trendy device enters the market. This is simply part of the materialistic culture of America. Undoubtedly, the most prone to this culture is the teenage population, Apple's main target audience.

Apple is conforming to America’s consumerist culture, but not through the innovation that once won the hearts of Americans. This iPhone 6s proves just that, since Apple has released it with only a few new features like a 3D Touch and a new "rose gold" color option. People with and without an iPhone can see that Apple is manipulating consumerist culture to compete with companies like Samsung, which has recently released a new smartphone, as well.

“They just released the new iPhone to get more money. They are trying to compete with other smartphone companies," said freshman Angela Kitanoska. 

The technology and design of the iPhone has not changed since the release of the iPhone 6 last year. The lack of innovation in Apple’s new product is astounding. The company is trying to fool people by adding one new feature, while selling them a replica of an old product. Analyzing the differences between the new and old versions of the iPhone, the iPhone 6s is virtually the same as the new version. 

The $100 price difference for the new iPhone also shows that Apple is just in for the profits. Apple keeps releasing new products without innovation, yet they are supposed to be a company ahead of its time. It is clear to me that Apple is just a company trying to compete in an industry that has outgrown them.

Apple has not thought through the features that were released since they were so focused on releasing the new iPhone in order to compete with the ever-evolving industry of smartphones.

“I will not be upgrading my phone to the new iPhone. I don’t think it’s worth the money,” said freshman Elyse Lijoi.

Along with the iPhone 6s, Apple had released a payment plan to lock people into a long-term contract. Apple has added this new payment plan to get people more interested in the new iPhones to come. If this is not another example of how Apple is becoming money hungry in an industry that has outgrown them, then what is?

Apple is no longer innovative; they are just crooks looking for the next way to gain a profit.