Ramapo’s Journalism and Psychology Programs Ranked High Among Colleges Nation-wide

Ramapo College was recently publicly recognized for its high quality education. College Factual, a website that analyzes colleges based on merit, named Ramapo No. 70 for the Most Focused on Communication and Journalism out of 1198 colleges, and No. 114 for the Most Focused on Psychology, out of 1452 colleges.

According to College Factual, rankings by field of study are determined by the average of rankings by major, wealth of majors and the percent focus. Field of study is “a broader category that will house several majors in it. For example, the field of study Engineering includes such majors as Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, etc,” states College Factual.

“The average of rankings by major is a highly weighted factor, which is the average ranking by major of majors in that field of study at the college, weighted by the number of students in each major,” the site continues.

The "Wealth of Majors" is a low factor, which is “the number of majors in that field of study the college offers.” Lastly, "Percent Focus" is also a low factor, being “the percentage of the student body made up of students in that field of study.”

College Factual aims to help inform students and guide them to making the right choice when it comes to going to college.

“We publish a variety of college rankings to get students and parents focused on key factors they need to consider when choosing a school,” Bill Phelan, CEO of College Factual, stated to NorthJersey.com. “How long it will take you to graduate? Four or six years? What will your expected earnings be, and how does that compare? What’s the risk of student loan default? These are tough questions any prospective student should be asking and we highlight these factors throughout our ranking process.”

Steven Perry, dean of the School of Contemporary Arts, stated, “I am very excited that our Communication Arts major and the Journalism concentration in particular, have received this recognition for exceptional quality. The faculty provides supportive learning environments in and out of the classroom that help students to actively apply their knowledge and skills. This is clearly illustrated by the great success that communication and journalism students are having in their co-ops and internships, which often lead directly to jobs.”