Linden Hall Acts as Venue for Popular Open Mic

Photo by Amanda Krause

The College Programming Board’s (CPB) biweekly Open Mic Night was held this past Tuesday in the first floor lounge of Linden Hall. CPB had another successful night in a string of positive turnouts. Students from all over campus flocked to hear friends perform at the very popular event.

Participants representing a variety of genres came out to perform, in even larger numbers than in previous weeks. Many came out to show their appreciation of the performers, proving that a community of support and artistic sharing is alive and well on Ramapo’s campus.

 “I like the communal aspect,” said Sam Miller, a sophomore. Freshman Conor Garvey agreed, saying that he loves “seeing my friends perform.” Miller's and Garvey’s sentiments were shared by the majority of the audience, who clapped and sang along the entire night, adding to the energy of the event.

Two open mic regulars, Prince Quince and Maze, took the stage, giving vigorous and lively performances which placed all attendees in a state of awe. Prince Quince’s display of signature material and original beats left freshman Jamie Kincaid feeling “exhilarated,” while sophomore rapper Maze’s presence was responsible for the high rate of attendance – he has certainly made his mark upon the twice-monthly event.

CPB ensures a friendly, supportive environment that allows talented Ramapo students to share their art with all who are interested every other Tuesday night. The Board’s effort clearly shows in Open Mic’s ever-growing attendance. Open Mic Night has proven once again that Linden Hall’s first floor lounge is certainly the best place to be on the right Tuesday night.