CPB Event Pays Homage To Game Show ‘Family Feud’

Photo by Hannah Reasoner

Two upbeat and enthusiastic students, junior Dawn Wilkenfeld and sophomore Kira Abrams, hosted the Family Feud event sponsored by the College Programming Board. Wilkenfeld and Abrams kept the atmosphere of the event, held this past Saturday at 10 p.m. in Friends Hall, lively and full of laughter through cute jokes and comments.

Refreshments were served and music filled the air as students made their own teams, which were referred to as “families.” The event was run in a tournament style. Two teams would be called to stand in front of the stage, and each would send a team member forward. Once selected, the two opposing students would compete to hit the buzzer first, in order to determine which team would answer the question first. That team answered until they got three wrong answers. The final prize was $100.

Sophomore Santosh Paudel said, “The event was fun, because the answers were random and you could answer whatever you want.”

Seven “families” competed in the Family Feud event, which was 12 rounds long.

The teams came up with silly family names and had to answer funny questions, some of which related to Ramapo directly. The competitive atmosphere was palpable, as students had the opportunity to participate in a show that people often gather around the TV to shout out answers to.

Students gave hilarious correct and incorrect answers to questions that were in the style of the show which roused laughter from the audience. For example, some things that students said that they wanted to give up one day were a broken PSP, a bad spouse, a girlfriend and ripped clothes.

After the 12th round, CPB tallied up the scores and announced the winner of the cash prize.

Overall, students enjoyed the event. Senior Tom Mannion said, “The event was good. Some of the questions were boring, but it was fun.”