Black Light Mini Golf Attracts Crowd of Students to Friends Hall

Photo by Carlie Viemann

Ramapo’s College Programming Board held its Black Light Mini Golf event this past Friday in Friends Hall. As the name of the event suggests, students were given the chance to play free rounds of mini golf under vibrant lighting.

The mystical aesthetic of black-lit golf balls and putters was combined with music curated by the event’s staff, who played loud and fun songs that set the mood. The event succeeded in creating an upbeat atmosphere enjoyed by all in attendance.

Being that the event was part of Ramapo’s Halloween weekend, many students came dressed to the nines in their celebratory costumes, while others attended wearing regular street clothes. Either way, students came to enjoy the free festivities. The black lights against the neon-colored golf course made for a spooky Halloween-themed evening. The energy was high, and students were definitely enjoying the atmosphere that CPB provided.

The blacklight atmosphere drew many, including junior Tyler Rowe, who said, “I wanted to play mini golf for free and this time it was under a black light.”

The mini golf event appealed to a large number of students, with staggering numbers entering Friends Hall in large groups to enjoy one another's company and play a nine-hole round. The room was organized chaos, with wild lights and loud music.

The atmosphere was fun and light-hearted and made for a good way to spend the evening before Halloween.

“They have a lot of good things throughout the week to keep [students] entertained,” said Alyssa Puccio.

Black Light Mini Golf was just one of the many fantastic programs CPB had prepared for the eventful Halloween weekend, but without a doubt, this event was one of the most popular.