Sought-after Clothing Brand to Be Sold in H&M

Photo Courtesy of Disney ABC Television Group, Flickr Creative Commons

For lovers of fashion, fall and winter are big seasons for statement trends. This year, clothing designers have gone back in time and revived looks of the 1990s and early 2000s. This is where the Balmain fashion house comes into play, doing something that many are excited about: the colors of their current line are either black or white, with a few extensions out to gray. Another source that trends are gathered from is celebrity styles. 

Balmain has gained tremendous popularity in the past few years, primarily because clothing of the fashion line is worn heavily – and prominently – by celebrity families like the Kardashians and Jenners.

Although loved by some and hated by others, the Kardashians and Jenners represent an undeniably powerful force in the fashion industry. Lately, the Balmain looks they have been choosing to showcase for the world have been incredibly intricate, detailed and above all, bold: from all-over lace outfits, to entire collections inspired by military uniforms, it is understandable why the world has picked up on this brand. Now, Balmain has done the unthinkable and collaborated with clothing store H&M to create a collection that will hit stores.

Usually, only the rich and famous have the resources to wear the clothing of prestigious brands. But by designing a collection made exclusively for H&M, Balmain is allowing the average person the opportunity to adopt the signature looks of the stars, in a manner which will not break the bank.

There are over 100 pieces in the collection, which include clothing, shoes and accessories for both women and men. Although the Balmain items are priced higher than H&M’s other lines, to buy Balmain from H&M is still much more affordable than trying to grab pieces from its original brand's collection.

Many people have hoped for a retail version of Balmain strictly because of its association with celebrities.

Junior Aspen Thompson said, "Working in retail for a while, I've seen companies grow and adapt to what is being shown on the runways. Trends are always changing, so retail stores are trying to keep up and make it easy for the everyday person to find the clothes they like, without having to spend so much. With Balmain making an H&M collaboration, I can only imagine how many people will be running in to grab something before it's all gone."

Olivier Rousteing, the creative director for Balmain, has completely taken the brand and brought it into the world of both celebrities and everyday consumers. His modern and elegant designs draw inspiration from French couture. With the collection launching on Thursday, Nov. 5, many consumers are excited to get their hands on a few staple items to have in their closets.