Streaming Networks Offer Stellar, Underrated Programs

Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Wikipedia

Viewers of cable television often find it difficult to find new TV shows to watch. After religiously watching favorites each week and catching up, all they have left to do is wait until next week.

While some people don’t mind sticking with one or two shows for a few months, others are too impatient and want to pick up something new again; this is where on-demand and paid subscriptions like Netflix and Hulu come in. One of the best feelings is finding an underrated new show which turns out to be a diamond in the rough. In a very popular time for new and returning shows, there are plenty of titles worth looking into.

“I wish more shows on cable TV had the great qualities these more underrated shows hold," said junior Paul Cruz. "They deserve more credit and recognition for what they’ve been able to put out, despite the fact that not as many people have watched it."

Netflix: “The Fall”

Viewers interested in crime and drama should turn their attention to “The Fall.” Premiering back in 2013, the show focuses on Stella Gibson, a detective brought into Ireland from England, to take on the lead role in the investigation and manhunt of a violent serial killer. Different from other crime shows, the audience quickly discovers who the killer is, so throughout the show they are able to see the progression of both the protagonist and antagonist. The show holds familiar faces, with the role of Gibson played by Gillian Anderson (The X-Files) and Jamie Dornan who was also in "50 Shades of Grey" as a wonderfully complex serial killer. With only two seasons underway, the show is still fairly new and worth tuning into.

Showtime: “Penny Dreadful”

This is definitely one of television’s most underrated shows. One of the great things about Penny Dreadful is that many of the characters are recognizable because they are characters from stories that many grew up reading about. Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, Van Helsing, Dr. Jekyll and as many vampires as someone could want on TV; all added together make for a great show. This show goes into the backgrounds of numerous characters and how eventually they all tie in together for the sake of keeping London safe from threats of evil supernatural beings. A great thriller/mystery, the third season will be premiering in 2016.

Starz: “Flesh and Bone”

Although many people might not have an acute interest in dance, they may change their tune after watching “Flesh and Bone.” Yes, this is a show focused on the world of dance, but what people don’t fully understand is how, although the final product of ballet is beautiful, to get there can sometimes be the exact opposite. Claire (Sarah Hay), the main protagonist of the show, has just been accepted into the American Ballet Company, and the audience sees her experience through it all. For many people who watch, it will definitely be an eye-opener about the grueling world of ballet and will help people to rethink their idea of how hard ballet actually is. Premiering this year, it is a miniseries consisting of eight episodes that will be sure to draw in large audiences.

Rachel Bonomo, senior, said, “Some of my favorite shows have been the ones found just browsing along in Netflix and HBO. I feel like those are the shows that give everything a viewer wants to see, and since it isn’t on regular cable TV, these channels are allowed to show what they want without the restrictions of having a younger audience.”