Being Aware of Mental Health Important During Finals

Every college student knows that finals week is the most stressful time of the semester. Whether due to exams, presentations or papers, the stress level of students seems practically unmanageable. Some students have mastered the art of preparation and this particular week seems no different from the rest; but for others, this time of the year can have serious physical and mental effects. When knowing that this week is bound to come every semester, what are some ways we as students can prepare for them? Here are some tips that may help:

The first factor that needs to be recognized when dealing with finals is organization. It seems like such a given, but it really is true. According to the Student Health Services section on Georgetown University’s website, “feeling increasingly disorganized and forgetful” is an indication of increased stress levels. Calendars and planners allow you to physically write down and organize every activity you have, giving you a clear view of what you need to do, and when. You can manage your schedule by setting deadlines, and it allows you to not feel as overwhelmed by the workload you have.

The highest numbers recorded for stress in college usually come from first-year students. Being in an unfamiliar environment with new people only heightens the stress of schoolwork. If you’re experiencing stress, resources like counselors and advisors on campus can be a big help. Knowing that these people are trained and here to help you through the difficulties you face is comforting, especially for students far away from home. Having the comfort of someone to both listen and give you advice helps you to manage your stress levels and regain the confidence you need to do well.

Lastly, one of the best ways to deal with stress is to eat healthy and exercise, two things we forget to do at this time of year. When we are stressed, we forget to take care of our body, and this leads to us not performing our best. Students need to remember that the most important thing to think about when taking care of schoolwork is to be able to take care of yourself as well. When you feel your best, you can handle the pressure much better and the schoolwork you have won’t seem so daunting.

Stress is bound to come, no matter how well you are able to manage your life. It is how well you deal with it that is important.  School may seem like a hassle at times, but it does not mean you should let it affect you in such negative ways. When you can manage your stress, succeeding in school is so much easier and you are able to enjoy your time at school so much more.