Homegrown Band Showcase Features Student Groups

Photo by Amanda Krause

On Nov. 21, the College Programming Board held the Homegrown Band Showcase in Friends Hall, featuring musicians straight from Ramapo’s campus. Students came to support their friends and enjoy food and refreshments.

“There’s a lot of great performers tonight,” said Alyssa Puccio, Ramapo sophomore and musician. “It’s great that they’re giving musicians on campus more opportunities to perform.”

Skyline Drive opened the show with a rock 'n' roll set. Vocalist and guitarist, Mike Rooney, invited the audience to join in on their covers of popular songs. “Come on and rock out with us and sing along. I think you’ll know this one,” said Rooney. The audience responded with dancing, jumping, head banging and singing along.

“I love hearing Ramapo bands play,” said junior Jake Thiringer. “When you go to open mic nights you only get to hear one or two songs from each act, but at a show like this you get to hear a band’s full set and hear what they really sound like.”

Dolphin Uppercut Avenger, an electronic/alternative band, followed up with a solo act featuring bandleader Alex Hoteck. His set included keytar, loop pedals and a unique rendition of Drake’s “Hotline Bling.”

Meghan Mudrick, a sophomore, said, “I like the variety of acts they have playing and it’s a cool, laidback atmosphere.”

Students in the audience each found their own way to enjoy the performances. Some sat on the floor eating pizza, some pulled up chairs and others jumped up closer to the stage to sing along or talk to bands when they were done with their sets.

“It’s great to see Ramapo bands and how much talent they have,” said Melissa Aiello, a junior. “It’s also awesome to see how much some of these bands have improved over the semesters.”

The alternative rock band, Third Floor, performed and promoted their new album release titled “Messages (1).” The band’s three members met last year when they all lived on the third floor of Bischoff Hall.

Third Floor also announced that they performed in the newest episode of RCTV, WRPR and RMC’s “Tune In,” now available on YouTube.

“It was really good to play with some of the other well-known bands on campus. We had a fun night,” said Third Floor’s lead singer Jenn O’Hagan.