Tips for Planning a Successful Trip Over Break

College is a memorable time in your life where you can meet new people, study and expand your cultural horizon. Students normally spend a lot of time in the library, which doesn't leave too much time for fun; every now and then college students need an escape from their everyday life.

Holidays give ample time to reconnect with family and friends. During the holidays people create memories to share for years to come. Many around the world believe the holidays are an important part of the year because, for a brief amount of time, everyone seems happier at the culmination of the year. With that in mind, there are plenty of important tips to keep in mind when navigating around this holiday season.


How to get started


The trick to a successful holiday is involving your parents when you first begin planning your trip, making sure they feel comfortable with every aspect of the trip.


Where to go


This is a matter of taste. A good place to start is going somewhere that feels like home. Christmas in Colombia is a religious event also mixed with lots of “parranda” or fiesta.

The entire country enjoys a dessert called “Natilla.” It can be made with cinnamon, cornstarch, milk and “panela,” a hard sweetener from sugar cane and cloves.


To see relatives or go it alone


In this situation, planning accordingly is paramount. Traveling solo doesn’t necessarily mean being alone, because there are plenty of opportunities to meet people when traveling by yourself, but visiting with relatives and friends for New Years is different.  


When to go


Airfares increase the closer to a specific travel date but traveling is not always expensive if you can leave two or three days before and after the holidays. Flying home late on New Year’s Eve is also an opportunity to save some cash.


Book activities in advance


Make a list of the places. Consider the destinations that have always been tacked up on a wish list. When complete with that task, try to squeeze at least an additional country or city to visit.


Be wise when packing

Always keep the duration of the trip in mind, as well as the climate of your destination when packing. Do not over-pack and keep in mind the likelihood of bringing souvenirs back. Be aware of any baggage restrictions imposed by the airline.


Notify your bank and phone provider


Inform the bank that you will be using debit or credit cards abroad. Check the fees as well and notify the phone company to check pricing of international roaming usage.


Trip’s budget


When traveling over the winter holidays, plan a total budget for the entire trip, including airfare, accommodations and meals. The daily budget should include the maximum amount that can be spent each day during the trip.


Forms of payment

Take a mixture of cash, checks and credit cards. It is important to not keep them together in one place in case they are lost or stolen.