Tuesday Night Live Features Comedian Gibran Saleem

Photo by Pauline Park

On Tuesday, the College Programing Board (CPB) hosted another event in their Tuesday Night Live series, this time featuring the comedic talent of Gibran Saleem. Before he went on stage, however, a few opening acts performed to warm up the audience. The first of these two was Roshambo, a rock band on campus, who eschewed their usual electric instruments and picked up acoustic guitars for this performance. They played a total of four songs, including “Road Head,” as well as incorporating banter between the members of the band between songs for humorous effect.

Afterward, the comedian Andrew Schiavone came on stage and performed stand-up comedy for 20 minutes as an intro to the main act. He focused primarily on audience responses to the various questions he asked them as the source for his comedy.

For his introductory joke, he asked the audience if any of them were single. After he got a few replies of confirmation, he then used this instance as a springboard to go on about the "wingman strategy" as well as humorously hooking members of the audience up with each other. Outside of this, he focused mostly on personal experiences in his life as the source of his comedy and presented them in a humorous way.

After Andrew Schiavone was done with his routine, Saleem came out to perform. He opened with a joke about people’s troubles with pronouncing his name, oftentimes comparing it to some word like “jumanji.”

 Once that joke made an impact with the audience he moved on to tell the audience about a time he asked a woman in New York City about what time it was, to which she responded with the answer “9:11” followed by the phrase “no offense.” Gibran then lambasted this stranger by pointing out that the hands on her watch showed that the time was actually 8:55, quipping that he works with people who are mentally challenged followed with the biting phrase, “no offense.”

 This level of humor continued throughout the show much to the audience’s delight. Students seemed to be happy on how the comedy show turned out.