Students Compete for Cash at Dash for Dollars Event

Photo by Nicole Williams

On Friday, the College Programming Board hosted the game show “Dash for Dollars” in Friends Hall. The event was hosted by Kyle Kincaid, who said he travels to schools and other venues across the nation to play “the game show of fast cash and easy money.”

There was a steady crowd that came to the game night of about 30 people, each hoping to leave with $500 at the end of the night.

The game consisted of three rounds with four different contestants each round. Each round was theme based, the first being called the “baby round,” second being the “Hawaiian round” and the last “sports and games round.” In addition to that, every round entailed three separate challenges and whoever came in last of the three activities was disqualified, with one person being left as the round finalist.

The first challenge of the baby round involved the contestants chugging water out of a baby’s bottle and imitating the mannerisms of a baby. The next challenge was to unravel toilet paper the quickest. As for the round deal breaker, the two contestants had to build two towers with toy blocks that were provided, however they had to do it with oven mittens on.

During the mini breaks in between the rounds Kincaid would ask random questions such as “Who has ChapStick in their bag?” or “Who has an iPhone?” and whoever was the first to show him what they had would receive a dollar in return.

The following Hawaiian round included a hula-hooping competition and a very competitive limbo contest. In order to break the tie in the limbo challenge, each participant had to roll a giant die, effectively leaving one contender in place.

The concluding sports and games round consisted of a ring toss, miniature basketball and a timed Rubik’s Cube.

In the final round, the three participants were asked to guess what color a card would be from a deck three times and the last one to do so would be disqualified.

The final challenge pitted the remaining contestants in a block-stacking event that resulted in freshman Michaela Mattera being crowned the winner. Although she won, she was tasked with grabbing as much money as she could in a walk-in cube that blew the money around. Mattera managed to grab $124 in the cube and concluded the game with a total of $144, which included money won in a previous round.