Ramapo Students Build and Take Home Teddy Bears in Stuff-A-Plush Event

Photo by Hope PattiRaa

A “Stuff-A-Plush” event held in the Alumni Lounges by the College Programming Board allowed attendees to stuff and take home their very own teddy bears on Friday night. More than 100 students attended the annual event. Several students were surprised by the large number of attendees: “Ramapo is known as a commuter school – as soon as classes are over, the school is completely vacant – so it is surreal that so many people are all here right now,” said Caroline Chavez, a senior.

Another attendee, sophomore Javier Gonzalez, said; “I can’t believe there’s this many people here on the weekend, being an RA, this is dream attendance.”

Brendan Bucciarelli, a junior and member of CPB, stood at the doorway of the Alumni Lounges, allowing people into the event in groups of 10. He felt the event was a great way for students to celebrate Valentine’s Day, as it gave attendees the chance to snag a free teddy bear while bonding with their significant other.

Once attendees were allowed into the event by Bucciarelli, they were able to choose from four different types of plush bears, each a different color: white, brown, yellow and black. CPB members also handed out teddy bear birth certificates, allowing students to formally name their new plushes.

Junior Chris Cortez of CPB made his way around the lounge over the course of the event, doling out extra stuffing to those who needed it.  Dropping armfuls of fluffy synthetic cotton upon table after table, he kept students entertained with humorous remarks. 

Freshmen Catherine Clinton and Matt Lax both enjoyed themselves at the event.

“I got a yellow type of bear and it was beautiful. I named it Theodosio,” Clinton said, continuing, “I was worried I wasn’t going to get the bear I wanted, but I was one of the first in line so it was all good. Waiting in the line was very much worth it.”

“I got the brown bear and named him Mr. ‘T-Boy’ Jenkins,” Lax said jokingly. “My teddy’s a real OG rapper.”

In a more serious tone, Lax said, “My favorite part of Stuff-A-Plush was not the stuffing of the bears. It was being in the company of friends.”