Headphones Provide Music at CPB’s Silent Dance Party

Photo by Hope Patti

On Thursday the College Programming Board hosted a rather unusual event in Friends’ Hall called “Silent Party.” People who happened to see the event would have seen students dancing to seemingly no music at all, but for their red and blue glowing headphones.

Jillian Scoppettuolo, a representative of Any Excuse for a Party Entertainment Co., who brought the “Silent Party” technology to campus, explained to attendees what exactly a silent party is and how it works.

“There are two DJs up on the stage playing different music,” she said, handing out headphones for people to put on. “You can choose which DJ you would like to listen to and you can continue to switch back and forth as much as you’d like.”

One DJ was surrounded by the color red and the other by the color blue, which coincided with the music selection the partiers could choose. If they chose to listen to the music played by the red DJ, their headphones would light up red, and vice versa. Each DJ had his own style. The one in red had played rhythm and blues, soul and classic rock music while the red DJ played Latin and club music.

“The name of the event certainly drew my attention and is the reason why I chose to stop by and check it out,” said senior Brandon Petty.

While dancing with friends, Megan Collins, who is a freshman and member of the schools’ Fusion Dance crew said, “We are supposed to be having dance practice right now but had no room reserved so this is a great sub!”

Tom Mannion, who is a senior and member of the College Programming Board, was the mastermind behind the whole event. He explained that he had read of the event in the entertainment company’s catalogue, and heard that it had been a popular before, so he had high hopes of many people coming out to support the event.

“The amount of people who came to this event did not do justice to the College Programming Board,” said junior Chrismairi Acosta. “There is free food, music and dance space, many more people should have known to come!”