Students Rewind Back to the ’80s during CPB Event

Photo by Pauline Park

In recognition of the internet meme #ThrowbackThursday, the College Programming Board hosted an “80s Night” party last week in J. Lee’s. 

The event was originally intended to take place in Friends Hall, but the hosts of the event changed locations when they decided J. Lee’s had the ambience of a classic 1980s hangout spot.

The event centered around an 80s pop culture trivia game, where participants competed against one another to win classic movies of the decade.

Other attendees played board games like Connect Four and Monopoly, or retro video games like Super Smash Brothers and Pac-Man.

“I initially just came for the experience because I was curious to see what CPB would come out with for an 80s night and the fact that there might be food, but I’m glad I decided to come out, it was a good time,” said Brandon Petty, a senior.

Senior Erika Valera said, “I agree that it was a good effort on account of the College Programming Board, however, the ‘In The Loop’ e-mail was kind of misleading with the ‘Life Size Pac-Man' claim, it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.”

Besides all the fun and games taking place, the CPB also provided a complete ice cream bar, offering a variety of flavors and various toppings including Oreo crumbs, gummy bears and rainbow sprinkles, as well as refreshments.

To get guests in the mood, 80s music was played throughout the night.

“I thought that this was a great program idea and clearly many other students feel the same – not really anyone in the college is an 80s baby so it’s different,” said senior Vaudelson Codio.