WRPR Restores FM Signal For First Time Since 2013

As of Monday, Ramapo’s own radio station has finally been placed back on FM radio after being limited to a web stream since 2013. The Ramapo community can now tune into 90.3 FM to hear talk shows and music selected by WRPR, Ramapo’s student-run radio club.

“Having an FM channel is of utmost importance to WRPR because it provides a wider audience to listen and enjoy the content produced. It is extremely important to those who are trying to make a career out of broadcasting, regardless of genre. The WRPR FM studio is where ESPN Radio sports talk host Don LaGreca launched his career in sports media,” Danielle McCartan, Ramapo alumna and host of weekly sports talk radio show “60 Minute Overtime,” said.

According to Ramapo’s website, WRPR is the College’s official, commercial-free station operated by students in their on-campus studio in the Student Center. Up until Monday, however, the station had been extremely limited — when the recent construction for the new Adler Nursing Center commenced, WRPR lost their FM station.

“Since summer of 2013 it has not been operational,” Philip Rocha, senior and president of WRPR, said. “Just last year, we had established the online stream and could utilize the station and make radio shows.”

Students working on WRPR have been trying to bring back the FM channel for some time now.

“FM is available now after a little inquiring and a little luck. I wrote to President Mercer and all five of his vice presidents inquiring about the FM channel. Only one person answered my email: VP Kirsten DaSilva, CPA. She and I conversed about the station often, mostly her giving me updates about its status. I believe that my poking around brought awareness to the cause through Ms. DaSilva. From there, it took approximately three weeks to get it up and running – after four years of inactivity. It is my understanding that they still need to do work on the antenna to further strengthen the signal,” McCartan said.

Many students have expressed their interest in being on-air, filling up the spring schedule very quickly. This semester’s shows include “60 Minute Overtime,” “Good Buddy Show,” “Bender’s Classic Beats,” “Spoiler Alert” and “What’s Good Ramapo?”

“I'm so pumped that WRPR is back on a FM transmission. I know for myself and my co-host Scott Yunker, we really enjoy our weekly spot on WRPR reviewing movies. I think this is a huge stepping stone for the club and can't wait to see how this station grows,” Giancarlo Sepulveda, co-host of “Spoiler Alert,” said.

Although spots are filling quickly, there are still times available.

“This is a welcome change to WRPR, as more students may become involved in the station and in the communications program at Ramapo,” McCartan said.