In Light of Controversial Nude Photos, Women Deserve Right to Privacy

Photo Courtesy of Toglenn, Wikipedia

Throughout the past few years, there have been numerous conflicts and controversies about nudity and women on social media. Women have dealt with serious situations that involved their nude photos exposed on the Web — posted intentionally or unintentionally.

If a woman wants to post a photo of herself, she can. It’s her body. However, if a photo of a woman is posted by another for the world to view, that is where it crosses the line. Nobody, but the woman, has the privilege to show her body to anyone or the media.

A great example of this conflict is Kim Kardashian’s recent post-baby nude selfie: a photo of her reflection from her bathroom mirror with nothing on but censor bars covering her up. Regardless of the many harsh comments that targeted her, it was her body and she decided to post it on social media. I believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Kim has the freedom to do as she pleases with her body. No one forced her or took the photo without her permission.

Kim wanted to make a statement to all women with her nude photo. She mentioned that by being proud of her body and sexuality, she hopes to use her fame to empower young women to also feel confident and embrace their bodies, according to the Daily Mail. Rather than simply showing off her jaw-dropping curves, her photo that rapidly spread across the media was a message to those who don’t feel comfortable in their own skin. Many have completely misunderstood Kim’s action. It is believed that she posted the selfie to show herself off or ignore her haters. The post can be construed in many different ways, yet her main priority, as she said it, was to inspire others.

It wasn’t much of a selfish act, but a selfless gesture.

Women post revealing pictures of themselves online all the time. However, when another person leaks a skimpily dressed photo of a person without consent, it’s a problem.

Not long ago, a video of sportscaster Erin Andrews undressing in a hotel room was secretly recorded by a stalker who took it by removing the room door’s peephole and used his cellphone to tape her. The stalker then posted the video on social media without Andrews’ awareness.

Erin was traumatized when she viewed herself exposed online. The conflict went to court and resulted in her being granted $55 million.

This is possibly one of the worst things that can happen to a woman. No woman – no one – would want to find a nude photo or video of herself on the Internet if the post was not planned by that person.

Every single woman has a right to her own privacy, and no one should violate that. It is unethical, improper and downright disgusting. No one deserves to deal with the embarrassing nightmare that Andrews went through.